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Annnnnnd, we’re baaa-aaack!

Everyone’s busy, so I hate to use being busy as an excuse for anything. We all have work, family, social commitments, illnesses, whatever, and we choose where we spend our time so way too often, “I’ve been so busy” is a euphemism for “You’re not a priority.” So no excuses as to why I’ve not […]


A Kid, A Concussion and Scary Phone Calls

I had a list of things I wanted to plan Friday and get slowly started, so I’m not running around Sunday morning doing anything other than juicing oranges and popping corks. Saturday is decorating day, all the way down to getting my hair re-purple-ized. (Bright purple. Bright.) Then this happened. Some background: I always answer […]

mcfarland usa

McFarland, USA: The Most Inspirational Movie of 2015

The movie is amazing. I laughed. I cried. And I came away a better person because I realize that like the family in the movie, it’s easy to forget just how lucky you are and how not to judge a book by its cover. And that greatness doesn’t come from money or fancy homes or […]

mcfarland usa

My Interview With the Cast of McFarland, USA

“My philosophy is — in order to achieve anything, you have to have a good attitude.” I couldn’t agree more with that statement, something Kevin Costner shared with us during last week’s press junket for McFarland, USA. I’d seen the movie the night before and was still riding high on the inspirational feelings caused by […]

social media

This Week in Social Media

Social media changes weekly, and keeping up with the news is tough. Here is my contribution to helping you with some of the top news — this week in social media: Snapchat — love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere, especially if you ask Steve Tobak. “Snapchat is real life.” Do you agree? […]

arctic ease

My Favorite New Running and Fitness Products!

As a running training for a 10k, I get sore. I get tired. I get bruised and I get chafed. If you’re a runner, you know what I mean. You push it too much and muscles hurt. You wear yourself out. You run into things and your thighs rub together. Your feet get blistered and […]

50 shades

I’m 50 Shades of Confused!

I liked the movie. I liked the books. There, I said it out loud. Why is there this stigma out there about admitting that? Why should I have to care about what others think? Guess what: I don’t. It’s a movie, and I’m 50 shades of confused as to why the topic of the movie […]

harlem globetrotters

Our First Harlem Globetrotters Game!

Thanks to the USFamily Guide, my family and I went to our first Harlem Globetrotters game on Saturday. What a blast! If you’re like me, you remember the old show on Saturday mornings, where the Globetrotters would get into scuffles and be silly and play basketball. I watched it every Saturday morning until I grew […]

this week in social media

This Week in Social Media

As a social media marketer by day, I spend a good amount of time reading up on the latest news to see what’s going on in social media marketing. The field is evolving so quickly, there is a lot to stay on top of. Algorithms, tools, trends….the list of sites to visit grows by the […]