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Why I Loved “Tomorrowland,” Disney’s New Movie

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a media pre-screening of Tomorrowland at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I had seen a few of the trailers prior but still wasn’t quite sure what to expect; Tomorrowland is such a different type of movie, a mere trailer doesn’t […]

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george clooney

Interviewing the Cast of Disney’s Tomorrowland

Driving around, windows down, in southern California on a sunny day is already a beautiful thing, but when your destination is a press junket in Beverly Hills for a new Disney film with George Clooney, it’s pretty much perfect. I mean, George Clooney. Add in the rest of the amazing cast and you’ve got a press […]


10 Tips For Building Positive Brand and Blogger Relationships

In addition to being a blogger, I work in social media marketing for an employer/brand and as a consultant in my business, Biroczky Social Media. I’ve worked with bloggers and influencers on marketing campaigns, outreach programs, reciprocal content and reviews. We’ve worked together on strategy and developed relationships; I’ve also been on the other side […]

voyage to the iron reef

Our Visit to Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knott’s!

My “baby” is 14. He’s becoming more independent daily, and wanting to hang out more with his friends or on the basketball court than he does with his family. It stinks, but it’s normal. I live for days where he wants to spend time with us, so I was so excited when we were able […]

fxp hula hoop

Working Out With My New FXP Hula Hoop

Do you get bored easily when you work out? I do. I love to run, but well, I don’t love to run. I get bored after a while. Zumba is a favorite of mine, but I know I need to keep shaking up my routine and adding new things to challenge my body in different […]


Rainy Days and Thursdays

Sometimes, when it looks like this outside… or like this… you just need to get comfy and settle in for the night… like this Yorkie, who has the right idea. Light the scented candles. And relax. Enjoy your rainy day, fellow Californians! Share this on…

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo Party With the Help of Imusa USA!

If you ask any of my kids what one big memory they have of growing up in our house, all four will say parties and celebrations. We celebrate everything — end of the school year, National Margarita Day, anniversaries of move-in dates, you name it. We had Mardi Gras decor bought in January and a […]

miguel's jr

Miguel’s Jr. Opens in Tustin!

Here in the Inland Empire, we’ve been lucky to have Miguel’s Jr. around for a long time now; in fact, they’ve been in business for over 40 years. Offering authentic Mexican food on a grand scale, Miguel’s Jr. is one of our favorite weeknight fast food restaurants. We frequently hit up our Fontana Miguel’s Jr. […]

deseret industries

Saving Money at the New Deseret Industries Thrift Store in Fontana

It’s official, the new Deseret Industries thrift store is now open in Fontana! The grand opening was the weekend of May 7 – 9, complete with free bags for the first 500 entrants each day and live music. Deseret Industries did a fantastic job with getting the word out and making it a fun event […]

numi tea

Healthy Alternatives for Foods & Drinks: My Latest Round-Up

As a blogger and social media correspondent, I attend a lot of events, many about or including food. I like to eat, so it works out — and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love what I do — but I do need to be careful in other ways to make up for […]