How and why we celebrate holidays at our house

We celebrate holidays in a big way. Food, music and décor, it all relates and the house is as festive as possible. We get teased sometimes and often get asked why we make a big deal over “National <Whatever> Day” and other holidays that may be on a calendar somewhere but aren’t as widely-known. Our answer is always the same: why not? We have fun, it’s a good excuse for people to get together, and we all learn something.

mardi gras partySilly kids enjoying the flower craft I laid out

Life is short. Enjoy it. Like I always say, no food police here! Eat the fun stuff in moderation and don’t let it derail you from being healthy and fit.

mardi gras beadsBeads, beads and more beads

Last week, we celebrated Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, with authentic jambalaya (mine rocks), beignets and Hurricanes. (Do you know it’s not easy to find Passionfruit juice?)

jambalayaEmeril’s spice are SO good

Tomorrow is National Pi Day. Guess what I’m making! Yes, cake! ;)

Next week, we’ve got big plans for St. Patrick’s day. Since I can’t do red meat, I’m making an Irish Shepherd’s Pie and Irish Soda Bread. For fun, I bake it in a clover-shaped pan. We’ll also be making themed adult beverages and something green and special for Little Dude and bigger-but-younger-older sister.

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?


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