My version of what’s going on the world of cupcakes, food & social media?

This week brings something new every day so I’ve decided to do an at least once a week rendition of “what’s going on in the world of cupcakes, food & social media?”

In big news, the government shutdown is being mentioned everywhere…as it should be. I’m not going political, but I will say that when a decision can’t be reached between two groups, that means neither is negotiating or comprising enough. Beyond that, I’ll leave it be — I have yet to wax on politics on any social media channel and I’m not starting now. I just want to see our country moving forward in a positive direction.

Then there’s Martha Stewart and her “who are these bloggers?” comments. She didn’t seem to be asking that when she spoke to them at BlogHer last year or when she uses them on her show or for magazine contributors. She also seems to forget she wasn’t an expert when she started either, so denigrating others who are starting their own business — in whatever format — is not cool. Not cool, Martha, not cool. Even “little people” like us bloggers deserve respect…unless maybe our “popularity” (your word, not mine) is taking away from yours? Get over yourself. There, I said it. Out loud. (But I’m just a blogger, sooo…..)

Moving forward, the “what’s your excuse?” fitness blogger has touched a lot of nerves this week. I wish I was that thin and that fit and it’s my own fault that I’m not, but if I did look like her, I wouldn’t be putting up a photo in a tiny workout suit or bikini to brag about it and then say I was just trying to be inspirational…while leaving the “what’s your excuse?” comment on the photo even after you know that’s what’s causing the ruckus. Be proud, be happy, be excited, but leave out the judgmental jabs. My excuseS — and I do have them! — are frankly none of your business.

So much negative going on out there, I was hoping it wouldn’t penetrate my world of cupcakes and food…it’s already so prevalent in social media, there may be no hope there. I love social media, as you know, but it’s used in negative ways so often, I refer to some uses as a “bully pulpit.” Educate and support, but don’t screech and judge. Bullying is bad enough as it is, then you add in the social media aspect and you have beautiful 12 yog’s committing suicide because parents aren’t supervising their childrens’ online usage and then after the fact, still defending it and not limiting it until they’re jailed and have no choice but to stay offline. I have a 12 yob, and he’s been teased, and it breaks my heart to hear that even a parent doing all the can to save their child isn’t enough if other parents don’t do it too.

Can’t we all just get along?

Judging is all over lately, and some is inspired by things people read online and carried over into real-life conversation. I was recently judged for not going gluten-free. (This, by someone with a package of cigarettes in her purse who had read online that the new “fad” was the only way to go.) It’s not for everyone. And honestly, while I believe it’s good for a lot of people, and medically necessary for some, it’s not going to be a miracle cure for many others. I’m a foodie who believes in healthy eating and living, but emphasis on living. I’d rather live to 75 and enjoy a cupcake, a piece of sourdough bread or a nice slice of pizza than live to 77 on a diet so restricted it costs my family hundreds a month to feed me and I can’t go out because I can’t eat anywhere and it basically ruins food-related events for my whole family. I like food, and I feel God intended for us to enjoy it or apples wouldn’t have tasted good….

Here are some cool cupcake things I found online today:

I saw this post this morning come through on my search feed: The Cupcake Project’s “No One Should Write for Crickets” idea. Love it! Check it out and join! (I did!)

Tonight my son and I were given the privilege of previewing Medieval Times Buena Park. More on that later, along with my write-up on the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon. (I haven’t forgotten, and I have the huge pile of business cards and brochures here on my desk; I’ve just had more on my plate than I can finish and I don’t do something halfway, so it’s waiting until I can do it right.)

Enjoy your day..your wheat…your apple…your cupcake…your workout…whatever it may bring! 😉



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  1. says

    Martha Stewart’s comment is so disappointing. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…

    I saw the photo of the fitness blogger & also read her non-apology apology to her readers. Such a humble brag!

    • says

      Exactly! I think she feels we’re so insignificant that it doesn’t matter..which speaks volumes. Their lack of corrective response just makes it even moreso.

      I should learn to brag so sweetly about my cupcakes! 😉 Nah, I’ll just let them speak for themselves, much better.

      Thanks for replying!

  2. says

    Martha Stewart’s comment is so disappointing. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…

    I saw the photo of the fitness blogger & also read her non-apology apology to her readers. Such a humble brag!

    • says

      Wasn’t it?? She started off as a non-expert and now she totally discredits a bunch of bloggers…many of whom ARE experts, at least as much as she is, if not more..sad.

      lol, exactly, a brag disguised as ‘encouragement.’ Many aren’t believing it!

  3. says

    I’m here from #cricketproject. I love your shaming meme! Where ARE the cupcakes?!?! LOL. Life doesn’t understand, cupcakes understand. Great blog, you have a new follower. :)

    About Martha, it’s funny that Martha doesn’t see the irony that she is the equivalent of the bloggers she’s speaking of. She was a model who started a catering business with a friend out of her basement. Her first cookbook Entertaining was ghost written by someone else. She wasn’t culinary trained, nor did she have test kitchens, etc. She has built a brand empire and a lot of folks are using modern technology such as blogging to do the same.

    • says

      Hi, PJ — glad to have you here! Thanks for the kudos, it’s a work in progress but I love the mess that is my blog. 😉

      SO true! She forgets where she came from and has little gratitude for those that are helping her stay so highly regarded now. Quite the shame, but I hope she realizes, or at least her PR person does. 😉

      You had me at the word “whiskey,” btw hahaha Heading over to check that out! Thank you!

  4. says

    Oye, Martha Stewart. I’m writing a letter to her in form of a blog post. I just have to. If blogging were prevalent when she first started out, I can almost guarantee she would have launched a blog to help get her ideas out there.

    The government shutdown, I’m just SMDH everyday. I’m trying to not pay too much attention to it, but at the same time just enough so I know where things are headed. I have very little faith in our current President, and just slightly more faith for the President before him……I’m not very political, but to say I am disappointed in our government is an understatement.

    I’m about to go Google that Fitness Blogger thing right now because I didn’t even hear about that one! Ugh-it’s been such a negative week. I don’t get it. Is Mercury in retrograde or something?!

    Hoping some positive things come your way, my way, and everyone elses way :)

      • says

        I’m hoping Martha’s reading this stuff!! I LOVE your letter to her!
        What’s your excuse…still stuck in my craw. I’m actually a fitness buff myself but have slacked the last few weeks, and it shows. It’s completely my own fault..well, mostly, as my family needs me and my job needs me and… 😉 Anyway, while it’s my own fault, she doesn’t need to be so “Why aren’t you as awesome as me??” Humility goes a long way.
        Pup is doing fantastic, thank you for asking! She finally, uhm, showed that her system is now fully functioning properly yesterday morning. (I’ll save you the picture that yes, I actually took so I could show my husband! LOL) She’s running around playing with a new toy I bought her yesterday and cuddling in her new winter bed by my desk.

        Have a good weekend!

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